Community Bulk Buy

Community Bulk Buy. We honour the mindset of “giving back to the community”, we not only want to make sure our customers benefit from our services, but also the community they’re a part of to prosper as well. This is why we’ve made the choice to donate a percentage of each system we sell to a local organisation or toward solar farms in rural Australia; upon purchasing a system through our “bulk buy” campaign we empower customers to choose who they’d like to support.

Quality Over Quantity (QOQ). At Climasolar, we value devoting time & care with each of our customers, as each individual Australian household is unique in our minds. We only use Clean Energy Council ( accredited installers, allowing us to quality control our services and to guarantee even the most minor details are covered carefully.

Bill Match System. Market research shows the biggest barrier for consumers is the large upfront cost associated with solar. Both households & businesses alike generally choose to allocate cash to immediate expenses with solar getting pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Taking this into account we’ve designed a payment structure where customers can invest into solar in conjunction with their current utility bills; we cover the installation cost & you pay your panels off in instalments over a period of time! This way you immediately reap the benefits as you reinvest the savings from your electricity bill into your solar repayment, Letting solar pay for itself!

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