Our Solar

“Australian households are paying the highest electricity prices in the world – two to three times more than American households” Australian Financial Review.

We heavily invest in a face to face customer approach to best understand each individuals needs and tailor services to their concerns accordingly.


Specialists in helping families cut down their power bills; our most popular residential systems are the 4 & 5KW.

We market our systems in a coordinated way one area at a time, this allows us to really understand the demographic, our customers and engage with the community.

Our marketing process reduces our travel & labour costs allowing us to also take a more personalized approach and assist families with every step of their transition into clean power. 


With commercial solar exponentially growing in Australia, we are constantly researching and investing into finding new solutions for every kind of business from local chicken shops to large manufacturing businesses. 

Most businesses are a perfect candidate for solar as most of their power is used while the sun is up meaning they rely less on the grid and more on their own power. Our core team are experts in mid scale systems (30-100KW).

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