Thinking of getting solar?

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How to use solar energy at night?

Solar panels work by converting sunlight into electricity. They need light — preferably sunlight — to create energy. But can solar panels produce power at night? The answer is no. At present, solarpanels don't generate energy at night. Thankfully, you can still access...

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4 ways solar power is saving you money

Environmental benefits are one of the compelling reasons why people choose to power their homes and businesses using solar. But ultimately, it is the significant financial savings that make them say yes to this investment. But how does solar actually help you save...

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Can switching to solar save you money?

Have you been thinking about how much money you can save with solar panels?Through modern technology, the payback of a solar system has become so good. InAustralia, people are surprised to find out it is now possible to get a good quality system topay for itself in as...

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