Why Buy Solar?

With energy retailers increasing prices between 8-10% per year, Australian power prices are among the highest prices in the world. The solution? Solar; you produce majority of your own power consequently making you less affected by rate increases. (The average 4-person household expenditure on electricity is approx. $2400 Australia wide, meaning over 4 years most Australians could have already paid off a solar system and begun saving.)

National survey of toxic emissions says airborne mercury pollution from stations in Victoria’s Latrobe valley increased 37% in just 12 months. Mercury is one of the most dangerous chemicals emitted as a result of power production with large connections to cancer. More solar power consumed = less power required from power stations = healthier Australians.

Technology advancement in the solar industry paired with government rebates over the last decade has enabled Australians to now purchase systems up to 3* times more efficient for a fraction of the price they were 10 years ago. The price reductions & incentives make solar far more accessible for homeowners & businesses meaning there is really no excuse for Australians to continue to spend thousands on electricity and subsequently enable pollution.

Manufacturers of solar power & the government have done their part to make renewable energy targets more achievable, the onus is now on solar retailers to make it more viable. At Climasolar we use the community bulk buy paired with our ‘bill match’ program where we cover the initial upfront cost (installation) and aim to get the system repayments similar to the current power bill to minimise out of pocket costs.