Environmental benefits are one of the compelling reasons why people choose to power their homes and businesses using solar. But ultimately, it is the significant financial savings that make them say yes to this investment. But how does solar actually help you save money? Here are 4 ways:

Depending on where you live, there are incentives for making that environmentally-friendly switch to solar. In Australia, there is a financial incentive that subsidises the upfront cost of installing a solar power system. You will receive a solar panel rebate that will reduce the cost of your purchase–provided that you buy Clean Energy Council approved
components, and have your system installed by an accredited installer. Check out the list of accredited installers here.

Feed in tariff
Feed-in tariffs are payments that owners of small scale generatorsreceive for exporting power to the grid. Energy bills give information on the feed-in tariff your retailer is paying you. Every plan is different, so you should always check to make sure your energy retailer offers you one that best suits your circumstances. Discover the time-varying tariff table here.

Net metering
Grid-tie solar systems store the power they generate in the public utility grid. In return, the utility company credits your account for the power you generate. Those credits can be claimed to draw power from the grid when the sun isn’t out (at night or during poor weather). Every utility company has their own policy which outlines the rates at which solar customers are credited and billed for power. This agreement is known as a net metering policy.

Energy independence
Energy independence is always one of the goals when switching to solar energy. It is the ability to produce a sustainable amount of energy to meet demands. Producing your own energy can mean freedom from energy
providers and reduced or eliminated power bills.

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