Solar panels work by converting sunlight into electricity. They need light — preferably sunlight — to create energy.

But can solar panels produce power at night? The answer is no. At present, solar
panels don’t generate energy at night. Thankfully, you can still access electricity
through your solar power system during the hours when the sun is out. Here are
two ways:

● Solar battery storage
A solar battery works by storing excess solar energy in a battery for later
use. Typically, the solar battery charges during the day. At night, or when
solar panels are not producing power, you can use the solar power stored
in your battery to provide the electricity you need for your home

● Solar net metering
When you don’t have solar battery storage installed, excess electricity
produced by solar panels is deposited into the grid. In return, the electric
company gives you a reimbursement or credits your bill. At nighttime, you
can draw back on those energy credits that you banked with the electric
grid during the day.

With solar, you can tailor fit your system depending on your needs. If you want to
know if solar is worth the investment, get in touch with Climasolar solar
specialists to discuss your options today.