Solar panel installation is not a DIY process. Here’s a simple guide that contains
all the essential steps in installing solar panels on household and commercial

Step 1: Find a solar installer and get an estimate
Find a solar installation professional by asking friends or neighbors who
already have solar. They may be able to refer you to a great local installer
who can give you a free quote. The installer will ask you a series of
general questions about your home (utility, monthly electric bills, and age,
angle, and type of roof, among others).

Step 2: Prep your home and office for an onsite evaluation
Your solar installer will make an appointment to inspect your roof and
electrical system. This is to determine the best location to mount the
hardware that runs your system. As part of the inspection, the installer
may discover issues that require repair before your system is installed.

Step 3: Designing your solar journey
Using information and measurements gathered in Step 2, the solar
installer will create a solar engineering and site design plan. It includes
the number of panels and where they’ll be placed on your roof, the wiring
of the system, and how it will be interconnected with the utility.
Compliance with local fire safety requirements is also highlighted in this

Step 4: Supervised solar installation
In some ways, the actual installation is the easiest part of going solar.
You need to be present when the installers arrive to give them access to
your roof and to the electrical system. If you have pets, make sure they’re
safely secured.
With Climasolar, every installation is supervised by an accredited Clean
Energy Council installer to ensure that the process of building your system
follows the highest standard.

Step 5: Getting ready for grid interconnection
In getting permits, it is important to note that each state, county, and utility
has its own final inspection and approval requirements for solar
installations. The inspection process can take a few days to several
weeks, depending on where you live.
The utility will inspect and sign off on the installation before it’s officially
connected to the grid. After all, approvals are obtained, your installer will
be ready to flip the switch, and you can enjoy your own clean energy.

Start your bright, smart energy future today! Get in touch with ClimaSolar solar
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